Promotion of Ministerial Standards

The Promotion of Ministerial Standards program (POMS) is an important element of the archdiocese’s effort to provide a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults.  Established in 2005, the POMS program holds priests and deacons (clerics)  accountable for harm they may have done to others, while assisting them in addressing any underlying emotional, spiritual and mental health issues they may have.

The POMS program utilizes a case management model of supervision in which a lay professional – the Promoter of Ministerial Standards – supervises the clerics to ensure that they comply with their individualized supervision plans.  The supervision plans, which are assessed annually by the Archbishop, include ministerial restrictions and behavioral and/or treatment goals.  The plans may require, among other things, that the cleric receive spiritual direction, professional counseling, chemical-dependency treatment, or participate in group therapy.