404 – Priest Compensation Policy

Last Updated: 3/7/2018

I. Purpose

To establish income, benefits, and compensation for priests serving in the Archdiocese for the Fiscal Year.

II. Definitions

“Archbishop” means the sitting Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis ( or the appointed Apostolic Administrator).

“Archdiocese” means that certain corporate entity formed, maintained and existing under Minnesota Section 315.16 with the Minnesota Business Name: “The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis”.

“Fiscal Year” means the 12-month period beginning July 1 and ending June 30.

“Parish” means a parish within the Archdiocese Territory that is Archdiocese-recognized as Catholic.

“Board of Directors of the Parish Corporation” means the Archbishop, the Vicar General, the pastor of the parish and two lay members of the parish appointed by the Archbishop, the Vicar General and the pastor or a majority of them.

“Vicar General” means the priest or auxiliary bishop appointed by the Archbishop as Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia.

III. Policy

All priests in ministry in the Archdiocese must be compensated according to the current Compensation Schedule for Priests that is approved by the Archbishop. Any deviation from the Compensation Schedule for Priests assigned to a Parish must be approved in writing by all members of the Board of Directors of the Parish Corporation. For priests assigned to an entity other than a Parish, such deviation requires a written request and approval from the Archbishop.

The Compensation Schedule for Priests is updated and published annually.

Priest Compensation Schedule 2019-2020

Priest Compensation Schedule 2020-2021