313 – Vacations for Priests

Last Updated: 8/7/1989



August 7, 1989

Volume XV, Number 2


Reverend and dear Fathers,

The priests of this Archdiocese are dedicated, and serious about ministry and service to people. Effective ministry takes real effort and planning, and it also requires time for relaxation and physical refreshment.

The Revised Code of Canon Law allows priests to have a month of vacation. (cc.533.2; 533.3) I want to make that the official policy of this Archdiocese. Therefore, you are entitled to a month’s paid vacation taken at your discretion during the calendar year.

Certain safeguards need to be considered in arranging vacations. The spiritual needs of the faithful must be taken care of during your absence. The Chancery should be informed as to who is caring for the parish in your absence.

When there are two or more priests in a parish, they should coordinate their vacation plans. In a single priest parish every effort should be made to find a substitute priest. When outside help cannot be found I ask priests of neighboring parishes to assist one another in caring for their parishes so that each priest can arrange vacation time.

Before vacationing you may want to obtain an official I.D. card and a celebret. These are available from the Chancery. A small photo for identification is needed to obtain these. While away, I urge you to let somebody at the parish know where you can be reached in case of an emergency. Priests who have made a contractual agreement with a school or some other institution must, of course, abide by the vacation terms of their contract.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend John R. Roach, D.D.

Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Vincent Champine OP