205 – Qualifications for Selecting Speakers, Recipients of Award, Honors or Designations, and Exhibitors and Vendors

Last Updated: 11/8/2019

I. Purpose

To ensure that speakers at Catholic events, recipients of awards, honors or designations, and those who exhibit or sell on Archdiocesan, Parish, or School property, do not undermine the integrity of the Church’s teaching, sanctifying and governing functions.

II. Definitions

“Archbishop” means the sitting Archbishop (or the appointed Apostolic Administrator).

“Archdiocesan, Parish, or School Event” means an event hosted or organized by the Archdiocese, or a Parish or School.

“Archdiocese” means that certain corporate entity formed, maintained and existing under Minnesota Section 315 .16 with Minnesota Business Name: “The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis”.

“Exhibitor or Vendor” means an individual or organization that sells, displays, promotes, or distributes services or products.

“Parish” means a parish within the Archdiocese Territory that is Archdiocese-recognized as Catholic.

“Pastor” means a Parish pastor or a parochial administrator, as the case may be.

“School” means a primary school or a secondary school within the Archdiocese Territory that is Archdiocese-recognized as Catholic.

“Speaker” means anyone giving a lecture, public address, theatrical performance, musical performance, retreat, mission, or other similar type of event.

III. Policy

  1. Any Archdiocesan entity subject to the authority of the Archbishop, and any boards or committees affiliated with them shall not give awards or honors, or host presentations, speaking opportunities or appearances by individuals or organizations whose public position is in opposition to the fundamental theological or moral principles of the Catholic Church.
  2. Due diligence into researching the appropriateness of a speaker or honoree is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. When in doubt regarding a speaker or honoree, it is the obligation of the sponsoring organization to seek clarification from the Office of the Archbishop.
  3. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring and hosting organizations to ensure that those who exhibit at an Archdiocesan, Parish or School Event, or who sell or distribute items at one of these events do not threaten the integrity of the Church’s message. Therefore, Exhibitors or Vendors must not exhibit, sell, or distribute materials that are in contradiction to the teachings of the Church. Exhibitors or Vendors must comply with all local, state, and federal laws related to licensing and taxation.
  4. The Archdiocese, a Parish, or a School may establish additional specific rules and guidelines for Exhibitors or Vendors that are not inconsistent with this policy and which must be followed by all Exhibitors and Vendors at that event.