Requirements for those who have either regular or unsupervised interaction with children, youth, or vulnerable adults.

Policies for chancery corporation, parishes, Catholic schools and other entities

Brochures, posters, links, other resources for safe environment and victim/survivor assistance

Names and assignments of individuals against whom there is a substantiated claim of abuse

How Local Parishes and Catholic Schools Help Establish Safe Environments for Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults

Protecting children, youth and vulnerable adults is of highest importance at parishes and Catholic schools throughout the archdiocese.

All clergy and parish, school and archdiocesan employees, as well as volunteers who have either regular or unsupervised interaction with minors or vulnerable adults must complete the Essential 3 requirements: participate in VIRTUS safe environment training, undergo a criminal background check, and adhere to a code of conduct.

Catholic schools and parish faith formation and youth ministry programs have been teaching children and youth age-appropriate lessons about personal safety and sexual abuse prevention since 2006.

Learn more about how parishes and Catholic schools work to establish safe environments under Promise to Protect.


News & Events

Conference for Restorative Justice and Reconciliation

January 14, 2020 — A Conference for Restorative Justice and Reconciliation will take place Thursday, January 23, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Holiday Inn & Suites, Lake Elmo, Minnesota. This conference is open to all victim/survivors, and anyone who has been impacted by clergy sexual abuse. Archbishop Bernard Hebda and Ramsey County Attorney John Choi will update us on the Ramsey County Settlement Agreement and share the direction as we move forward. Retired Justice Janine Geske from Milwaukee, will share her experience working with restorative justice and abuse survivors. A panel of survivors and others will share their experiences concerning clergy sexual abuse and how it has changed their lives. Continue reading

Seventh Report by the Archdiocese on its Status and Progress of Implementation of the Settlement Agreement

August 6, 2019 – This morning, the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis and the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office appeared at its scheduled, periodic hearing in Ramsey County Court before Judge Teresa R. Warner. At that time, the Archdiocese filed its seventh semi-annual Report with the Court setting forth its substantial compliance with the Settlement Agreement. Continue reading

Statement Regarding Bishop Accountability Measures Approved by USCCB

June 14, 2019 – From Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda: I found great encouragement in the actions taken this week by the bishops of the United States. There was overwhelming support for the measures taken to make sure that structures are in place to hold bishops accountable for their actions, structures that call upon the indispensable gifts and expertise of our lay sisters and brothers. Continue reading

Impact of Awareness, Prevention and Response

First Number

Background checks on clergy, employees and volunteers since 2012

Second Number

Number of adults who have been VIRTUS trained since 2005

The Fourth Number

VIRTUS training sessions held in the Archdiocese since 2005