404 – Compensation Schedule for Priests

Last Updated: 7/1/2019



The salary for a priest in 2019-2020 will be $35,318 (up from $34,289 in 2018-2019) plus an increment of $290 for each year of ordination.

The salary and annual increment has been increased by 3% for 2019-2020.

The following is a recap of the salary schedule with examples:

2018 – 2019 2019 – 2020
Salary (newly ordained) $34,289 $35,318
Increment $282 $290


10-year priest    $ 35,318 Salary + $ 2,900 increment = $ 38,218

20-year priest    $ 35,318 Salary + $ 5,800 increment = $ 41,118

30-year priest    $ 35,318 Salary + $ 8,700 increment = $ 44,018

This entire amount is taxable income and reported on IRS Form W-2. Salaries of priests with multiple assignments will be prorated among their assignments.


Mileage incurred on a personal vehicle for Parish or institution related business is to be paid according to the policy of the Parish or institution at the rate set annually by the IRS. Miles traveled to a Parish or institution where a priest is assigned from his residence is not reimbursable. For priests with a multiple site assignment, mileage may be paid from a Parish or institution to another place of work or ministry. The IRS rate may be found at: https://www.irs.gov/tax-professionals/standard-mileage-rates. Parishes or institutions are not to pay car payments (loans or leases) or car maintenance expenses for the personal vehicles of priests.



Institutes, seminars, workshops, etc., expenses will be paid by the Parish or institution of assignment. These professional expenses shall not exceed $1,200 per priest per year.

In addition, $500 per priest is billed to each Parish or institution by the sabbatical fund of the Archdiocese and are due to the Archdiocese each year by the end of September.

Annual Retreat Fees are to be paid by the Parish or institution, with a paid receipt, over and above professional expenses, not to exceed $700 per year.

Presbyteral Assembly fees are to be paid by the Parish or institution.


Medical, dental, and priest pension expenses are to be paid by the Parish or institution to which the priest is assigned. The benefits are provided by the Archdiocesan group plan for priests.


Reimbursement for living maintenance expenses – up to $600 per priest – shall be provided by the
Parish or institution for those priests living in Parish or institutional provided housing. These
expenses shall only include items that are applicable to a person living in a rectory or institutional
housing such as food for consumption in the rectory, basic cable TV, internet, newspapers and
household items that support the rectory. Priests not living in Parish or institutional provided
housing will be reimbursed for living maintenance up to $600 per month.
For more detailed information, refer to Archdiocese Policy 315 – Priestly Residence. This policy, dated September 13, 2016, may be found at www.archspm.org/Policies.


See Archdiocese Policy 315 – Priestly Residence for additional details.

For Parishes or institutions that do not provide housing, housing arrangements are to follow the Residence Policy for Priests and housing allowance and living maintenance limits stated in this Compensation Schedule. The monthly housing allowance is up to $1,200. This is in addition to the reimbursement of up to $600 per month in living maintenance expenses set forth in Section C above.


The following schedule is the recommended compensation amount for priests outside of a salaried assignment who are assisting at a Parish or institution for a particular service.

$75.00 per weekend Mass
$50.00 per weekday Mass
$50.00 per Baptism service
$125.00 per Funeral and burial
$125.00 per Wedding
$75.00 per Confession session

Mileage may be included in the rates above as separately arranged in advance with the reimbursing Parish or institution.

A Parish or institution that pays additional compensation to a priest who is not an employee of their Parish or institution, is required to provide IRS form 1099 to the priest if additional compensation exceeds $600 in any calendar year.